Tuition and Fees

2019-2020 Undergraduate Tuition & Fees Overview


Expenses Owed to UNI Directly (Per Academic Year)

College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
College of Education
College of Business Administration (freshmen & sophomores)
College of Business Administration***
(Juniors and Seniors)
 Iowa Resident
 Iowa Resident
 Undergraduate Tuition*          
   $7,665  $18,207  $9,407  $19,949
 Mandatory Fees*  $1,273  $1,273  $1,273  $1,273
 Room and Board**  $9,160  $9,160  $9,160  $9,160
 Total Direct Costs  $18,098  $28,640  $19,840  $30,382

Detailed Listing of Tuition & Fees

Based on academic year at full-time student status, taking at least 12 hours per semester. Does not include summer session. Subject to change by action of the Board of Regents, State of Iowa. 

**Cost for double room and all-access meal plan. Does not include summer session

***The College of Business Administration has a supplemental tuition for students who are a declared major in the College of Business Administration and are classified as a junior, senior or graduate student. The CBA supplemental tuition includes the following majors: Accounting, Business Teaching, Economics, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Real Estate and Supply Chain Management. Please refer to the College of Business Administration columns for these majors.


Other Expenses We Recommend You Budget For (Estimated)


Books and Supplies
Personal Expenses
Transportation to and from home
Total Other Expenses