Tuition and Fees

Glossary of Common Fees

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 Application Fees (non-refundable)

Undergraduate Domestic Student and Non-Degree Student                       

The undergraduate domestic student application fee is for those students applying for admission as new undergraduate students to the University of Northern Iowa.  This fee is non-refundable and is used to defray administrative costs incurred in the processing of these applications in the areas of data processing, personnel, supplies and postage.

The non-degree student fee is non-refundable and used to defray costs associated with the admission processing for those students applying for admission on a non-degree basis.  Students in this category may include exchange students and dual enrollment students.

Undergraduate International Student                                               

This fee is charged to non-immigrant applicants to undergraduate study at the university.  This fee is slightly higher than the domestic rate to cover the additional costs incurred with the evaluation of foreign credentials, international postage and immigration forms.

Graduate/Professional Domestic Student                                               

This fee is for processing applications for admission to graduate study.  This fee is non-refundable and is used to defray administrative costs incurred in the processing of these applications in the areas of data processing, personnel, supplies and postage.

Graduate/Professional International Student                                    

This fee is non-refundable and used to defray costs associated with the admission of international graduate students.  The evaluation of foreign credentials for admission and transfer equivalency is costly on an individual basis.  In addition, immigration documents and international communications add to the processing cost of these applications.

Re-Entry Fee

This fee is non-refundable and used to defray costs associated with the processing of re-activation materials for those students who have had a multiple semester lapse in their continuous enrollment.  This activity may include the evaluation and entry of transfer credit earned since last enrollment.

Applied Music Fees

These fees are charged to students receiving private or group applied music instruction and are in addition to regular tuition.  The fees offset the costs of one-on-one or small group instruction and services of professional accompanists.  The fees vary depending upon major/non-major status and credit hours taken.  Additionally, instrument rental fees offset repair and maintenance costs necessary for continued student usage.  

Billing Fees

Deferred (payment over five months)

This is a once a semester/summer charge for those students who wish to spread their payments over 5 monthly installments.

Continuing Education (per credit hour)

Courses offered on a non-residential (distance) basis are provided through continuing education.  These credit bearing courses may be at the undergraduate or graduate level.  Courses may be presented in person, over video conferencing or online via the web.

Departmental Exam for Credit Fee (per exam)                                   

This fee covers expenses in creating, administering and scoring special examinations for students who wish to ‘test out’ for credit from a regular course in which they are not enrolled.

Developmental Course Fees

Developmental courses are those whose level of content knowledge is fundamental to beginning level college credit courses.  Any credit earned in developmental courses is not applicable to a degree.

Employer Reimbursement Deferred Billing Fee

This fee is assessed to those students who have a reimbursement agreement with their employer.  This allows the students to defer paying for the course until they receive reimbursement from their employer.


Mandatory Fees

These fees provide access to activities and services, and are assessed to all students. They are not user fees and may not be waived. All students are encouraged to take advantage of the benefits these fees provide.


The Technology Fee supports the expansion of discipline-specific technology-based services including laboratories, multimedia presentation classrooms, and demonstration stations. It also funds the replacement of equipment in student labs and supports interdisciplinary curriculum development, expanded data network access to digital resources, improved library access systems, and enhanced online learning systems and assistive technologies.


The Health Fee ensures student access to essential health services, including medical, counseling and wellness services.   It provides funding for office visits with a healthcare provider for student illnesses or injuries at no cost.  It also supports public health and mental health initiatives on campus and promotes healthy activities.  

Health Facility

The Health Facility Fee provides the revenue stream to meet the bond requirements of debt incurred to renovate and expand the Student Health Center and to ensure effective maintenance and operation of the facility.

Student Activities

The Student Activities Fee provides support to a broad range of services and activities for students, including Northern Iowa Student Government, student organizations, fine arts programs, intercollegiate academic activities, the student newspaper, homecoming and family weekend activities, diversity and inclusivity programming, and activities sponsored by the Office of Student Life.

Student Services

The Student Services Fee supports intercollegiate athletics which provides free tickets for students to attend athletic events. The fee also provides free transportation on the Panther Shuttle and Weekend SafeRide.


The Building Fee provides the revenue stream to meet the bonding requirements of debt incurred for the renovation and expansion of Maucker Union and repairs to the roof and structure of the UNI-Dome. It ensures effective maintenance and operation of the facilities.


The Recreation Fee primarily funds drop-in recreation, intramurals, and fitness programs and events. It covers increased costs of student wages, utility assessments, equipment replacement and administrative overhead.

Graduate College Fees

Copyright Fees                                                                                   

This is an optional fee for those students who wish to have their master’s or doctoral dissertation/thesis copyrighted by the U.S. Copyright Office.

Publication Fees-Doctoral Dissertation

This fee is associated with the electronic duplication of a doctoral dissertation.  This fee equals the amount charged to the university by the outside vendor who provides this service.

Thesis Fees-Masters/Doctorate                                                                                   

The fee is charged to doctoral or master’s students submitting their thesis for review by an editor in the Graduate College.  The fee helps defray costs in materials and personnel to provide this service.

Late Fee for Applying After Deadline

This additional fee is assessed to graduate students only who apply for graduation after deadlines published by the Graduate College and covers extra costs associated with processing the late application. 

General Fees

ID Card Replacement Fee

This fee is assessed to those students who request replacement of their lost or destroyed student ID card.  This fee covers cost of materials, equipment, processing and personnel associated with this service.

Lakeside Lab (5 weeks)

Lakeside Lab is a unique instructional center on the shores of West Okoboji Lake. 

Late Payment of Fees and Charges

This administrative charge is a variable fee assessed at a rate up to 1% of the amount past due when a student fails to pay the minimum amount due on their university statement of account.  The fee is assessed monthly on the amount past due until the payments are brought current.

New Student Programs/Matriculation Fees

This fee is assessed to all new degree seeking undergraduate students.  The fee funds new student orientation programs, including staffing, facilities, and programming costs.  The fee also funds initiatives and programs for new students during their first year on campus.

Undergraduate International Student Orientation (additional program)

This supplemental fee covers the expenses associated with costly activities that are not part of the orientation offered to domestic students.

University Documents Fee (charged to new students)

This fee is assessed to all new degree seeking undergraduate and graduate students. The fee covers transcripts, add/drops of university courses, FAX fees, replacement diplomas, and graduation/commencement services. Previously, these services were charged individually and are now charged at matriculation.

Refund Schedule Fees

Tuition for the semester is set at the official census date which is at the end of the first two weeks of instruction.  Students adding credits after this date will have the appropriate amount of any additional tuition assessed.  If a student totally withdraws from the term, their amount of tuition reduction is based on the general refund schedule.  Students reducing their credit load but remaining enrolled have their tuition assessment based on the reduced load schedule.

Reissue Check Fee / Returned Check/Debit Fee

The reissue check fee is to cover the cost in creating a replacement check.  The returned check/debit  fee is assessed when a check from a student is returned to the university because of insufficient funds.  It is also assessed when a debit payment from a student is disallowed because of insufficient funds.


Registration Fees


Doctoral Post Comprehensive or Prelim / Masters Final                                                           

To create and maintain an enrollment for doctoral students who have completed all coursework but have not finished all degree requirements.

Graduate Continuing Scholar

For graduate students who need university services such as computer labs and the library but are not registered in any coursework.


University/Program Specific Fees

Continuing Education (per credit hour)

Courses and programs offered on a non-residential (distance) basis are provided through continuing education.  This fee helps cover costs associated with the domestic off-campus MBA program as well as offering specialized coursework to select international audiences.

Cooperative Education Placement Fee

The fee covers the costs of working with placement sites to establish internships and cooperative educational experiences for students.

Guided Independent Study (per credit hour)

Guided independent study is self-paced, individualized instruction provided remotely in various transmittal formats such as the web, video and print material. 

Immunization Record Late Fee

Students who have not provided the required immunization documentation are assessed this fee.   The fee covers the cost of individual mailings and follow-ups to students who are late providing the state required information.

Open Credit (per project)

Open credit is designed for special projects such as papers, experiments, works of art or portfolio assessment of prior learning.  The fee for each project is tied to the two hour undergraduate resident tuition rate.

Study Abroad Fees

Fees assessed to enable and place students in study abroad enrollments.

Perkins Loan Fees

Collection Letter

When a student is not current with repaying their Perkins Loan the institution may have to place the account with a collection agency.  This fee covers the cost of creation of the collection letter notification.

Credit Bureau File Fee

If a student is placed with a collection agency, a filing fee is charged to the university by the Credit Bureau.  This fee covers the charge to the university by the Credit Bureau.

Late payment

The fee associated with the late payment of a Perkins Loan is 10% of the amount of the scheduled payment.